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We have a unique combination

of talent and experience allowing

us to offer such a diverse

range of luxury services.

A“ bus looks and feels its best when you use the very best. All of our buses’ interiors are handmade and custom designed. We create our buses with top of the line materials such as genuine leather, hardwood flooring, granite, marble and onyx. The combinations of these items produce a gorgeous bus interior. We also go the extra mile with what you don’t see to make the bus more elaborate. We do all the wiring, plumbing and electrical work in house in order to exceed the expectations and needs of our clients. We upgrade the sound system, the television and additional video equipment to the top of the line electronics. Heated marble bathroom floors, Apple TVs, WI-FI, powered blinds, air pocket doors and HDTVs are a few of our favorite high end features. Every little detail is carefully selected to make the bus as elaborate as possible when combined for a finished product.

Interior_abouttextWe have included everything from an upright piano in the front lounge for Harry Connick Jr. to a treadmill in the back lounge for Taylor Swift to three rolling television studios for ABC news,” said Joey. “We have also managed to create an indoor fireplace, tanning beds, mobile museum complete with display cases, recording studios and numerous other outside of the box requests. Additionally, we have worked extensively with the U.S. Secret Service to provide vehicles for Presidential detail for more than a decade. You never know what the next person is going to ask for, but that is what makes building a bus so much fun. No two buses are alike and there is always going to be new challenges around the corner.

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Hemphill Brothers Coaches on the Travel Channel
Extreme RV’s features Hemphill Brothers Coach Company and gives an inside look behind the scenes.

Since 1980 Hemphill Brothers Coach Company has been rolling strong.

We bring a personal and customized approach

to every project we work on,which is why

our clients love riding with us

and why they trust us to get them wherever they need to be.

Joey and Trent Hemphill have always done business as a team. They grew up playing together, singing together, and traveling together. “Trent and I grew up riding buses with our family, The Hemphills, singing gospel music. The first bus I remember my dad owning was a 1962 Flexible.” The boys learned even more about buses when their father, Joel W. Hemphill, Sr., started his own bus leasing company as a sideline in 1974. This provided the boys a solid foundation when they decided to go into the bus business for themselves in 1980.Hemphill-Sign
“Dad got out of the business,” Joey explains, “and sold his shop. And he sold two of his buses to us.” It wasn’t the first time the Hemphill Brothers had made purchases as a team. “We used to buy everything together,” Joey recalls. “We found out if we put our money together we could get more-we bought our first stereo and our first car that way. It seemed natural that we’d become equal partners in business.”
This family tradition and knowledge of the coach leasing industry provide a vital springboard for the young men-Joey was only 21 and Trent 20. They continued singing, often running the bus company from hotel rooms on the road. But their perseverance paid off. Two buses soon became 6, and the small gravel lot and barn they used gave way to a four-bay garage. They hired staff and continued to expand their fleet as well as their list of exclusive clients from the music industry. Word of mouth spread about the reliability and extraordinary service of Hemphill Brothers Coach Company, and in 1989, Trent and Joey left the road to focus on the growing business. They stopped outsourcing their bus conversions and brought everything into their own facility, overseeing the quality and special requests of their clients. By 1991, the company had 12 coaches, an experienced office staff, and a professional team of mechanics and drivers. Their client list expanded and by 1995, the brothers moved their flourishing business into a 28,000 square foot office complex in the current location on more than 15 acres just outside Nashville, TN.
Their fleet now includes more than 100 coaches and an unparalleled team of drivers and mechanics, and a client list that looks like a who’s who roster of celebrities, musicians, sports figures, and politicians.   Joey and  Trent, have appeared on Oprah, VH1-The Fabulous Life of Pop Stars, HGTV and are regularly featured on the new Travel Channel series, “Extreme RVs,” with new episodes forthcoming.  The two have also been on the cover of American Profile and in Billboard magazines.  In 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Hemphill Brothers was presented with The Coach Company of the Year award at the annual Parnelli Awards in Las Vegas, NV.  In 2013, Hemphill Brothers Coach Company was awarded the Top Dog Award by Tour Link.  Trent and Joey were finalists for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Southeast Award and nominated for 2013 Most Admired CEO by the Nashville Business Journal.  Despite all the accolades and success the core foundation and principles behind the Hemphill Brothers Coach Company have remained unchanged for than 30 years and the company still strives to deliver an unparalleled level of quality, comfort, safety, reliability, and client relationships.  

Rockin’ The Road – History of Hemphill Brothers Coach Company

Our Executive Staff


President and CEO

Trent Hemphill
President and CEO

Trent spent the first part of his life traveling all over www bus and coach photos com North America in entertainer coaches with his family, the well-known gospel group, The Hemphills. It was a natural progression to entertainer coach leasing, as Trent and his brother Joey started what has become one of the top companies in the bus leasing industry.

Trent believes that the continuted success of Hemphill Brothers Coach Company will be based on exceeding the expectations of our clients. We do that through a combination of quality design, careful attention to detail and a world-class staff. Under Trent’s leadership “Hemphill Quality” service is now an industry standard. This has resulted in many strong, long-term, relationships in the entertainment industry.

An honest and innovative leader, Trent has successfully guided this business to a record-breaking year of continued growth. The company has provided transportation for clients such as NSync, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Cher, Ed McMahon, and George W. Bush, just to name a few.

Trent believes that one record-breaking year deserves another. He will continue to focus his time and efforts on maintaining established relationships, while acquiring the business of many more new clients in the years to come.


Chairman & Treasurer

Joel W. Hemphill

Chairman & Treasurer

Joey Hemphill has been around buses all of his life. When Joey and Trent started the company in 1980 with two old 1965 Eagles, Joey spent much of his time repairing the buses. This experience helped him acquire a talent for building and maintaining the quality buses that travel this country’s highways today.

By working with many of the country’s top entertainers, Joey has developed a reputation for building quality custom interiors that is synonymous with Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. Joey pays attention to the needs and desires of Hemphill clients, a key factor in the company’s success.

Many of the artists who lease a new Prevost long term contribute to the design and layout of the coach, which is a key element in making Hemphill Brothers stand out from all other coach companies.

Under Joey’s supervision and with the expertise of his qualified mechanics and interior conversion crew, the fleet continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Although anyone who sees the interior of a new bus leaving the Nashville-based facility thinks it to be the most beautiful one ever made–one that could never be topped–Joey already has new plans for the next “best interior ever to be built”.


Vice President

Mark Larson
Vice President

Mark plays a major roll in the day-to-day operations at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. Mark is originally from Minneapolis, MN but spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Central America and Europe. In 1982, he moved to Nashville and started out as both a musician and a driver for a Gospel group. This experience helped him develop a unique perspective of both a performer and the demanding responsibilities of driving an entertainer coach.

Mark started driving part-time for Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in 1985. Things quickly moved from part-time to full-time and over the next few years, he drove artists like Paul McCartney, Michael Bolton, Gloria Estefan and Natalie Cole, to name a few.

In 1993, Mark left the road to put his driving experience to work in the office assisting Trent in booking the tours and in the day-to-day operations of the company. As the fleet grew, Mark was promoted to Operations Manager where he assumed more of the responsibility of booking tours, hiring drivers and scheduling buses. He also developed specialized software and method systems for a better organized and smoother operation.



Randy Pitman

Randy joined the Hemphill Executive Staff in November 2010. Pitman, a CPA, received his Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Tennessee Tech University. Before joining Hemphill Brothers he worked for Comdata Corporation where he served most recently as the Executive Vice President of Finance. Prior to Comdata Pitman was an Audit Senior for Arthur Andersen & Co. in Nashville, TN.


Assistant Operations Manager

Valerie Bell
Assistant Operations Manager

Valerie is a key member of the management team at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. Valerie also plays an important role in Coach leasing where she works closely with clients such as Oprah, Doobie Brothers, A&E Network, and Vanderbilt University to insure that their lease programs are successful.

Valerie joined the Hemphill Brothers team in February 2004, after 20 years in the corporate Christian Music Industry. Originally from Benton, KY, Valerie worked in Inventory Control and Artist Relations before joining the Tour Bus Leasing Industry.


Office Manager & Safety Director

Marsha Price
Office Manager

has been with Hemphill Brothers Coach Company for twenty-five years. Starting out as a one girl office in 1989 she has watched the company grow from two company owned buses to an impressive fleet of over ninety top of the line Prevost buses. Her responsibilities have changed as the company has grown. She now handles personnel issues for the over 50 on-site employees and maintains driver qualification files for more than 100 drivers addressing Department of Transportation requirements and safety issues.


Driver Pool Coordinator

Steve Hoker
Driver Pool Coordinator

Steve has been with Hemphill Brothers Coach Company for over 25 years. After retiring from the road as a driver, Steve moved into the office to take over the training and development of new drivers. He is an integral part of a driver’s day, as well as assisting Mark Larson and Valerie Bell with coordinating drivers for all of our tours. Steve also serves as Hemphill’s in-house travel agent.


Executive Assistant to Joey and Trent Hemphill and Artist Relations Manager

Crystal coach Burchette-Johnson
Executive Assistant to Joey and Trent Hemphill
& Artist Relations Manager

Crystal left North Carolina over ten years ago with a dream of making a career in Nashville, TN and a love of music in her heart. Shortly after settling in to “Music City”, she became the Director of Publicity at a prominent Gospel label. After almost 8 years promoting the public image of 21 artists, Crystal left to work full-time in the management and marketing for multiple groups assisting in their careers. With highlights including red carpet press for three consecutive GRAMMY Awards, media for 12 Dove Awards, numerous mainstream television promotions and working alongside prestigious venues and publications such as the Grand Ole Opry and Billboard Magazine, Crystal balanced a daily routine of seeking maximum exposure for the artists she worked beside on and off the road. Crystal joined Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in late 2011 and is excited about working with the executive staff and clients to provide a superior touring experience.


Safety Director

Stacie joined the Hemphill Brothers Coach family in the spring of 2015. Originally from southern Illinois, she started making frequent trips to Nashville at an early age to work as a session vocalist. In 2007, she made the official move to Music City to pursue a degree at Belmont University. During her time as a student, she gained experience in various facets of the music industry including publishing and artist promotion. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Music Business, Stacie was introduced to the entertainer motor coach industry and fell in love with it. As the Safety Director here at Hemphill, she maintains the driver qualification files and addresses the Department of Transportation requirements and safety issues.

Our Coaches By The Number


Located just outside of downtown Nashville, TN

Hemphill Brothers Coach Company houses a full

on-site staff with over 90 coaches

and more than 100 drivers.

Afull team of highly certified mechanics, a top-notch cleaning crew, immaculate bus washers and professional paint and body shop with a certified paint booth and mixing station are led by foreman Danny Settle. From r4ebuilt engines to custom paint jobs and everything in between the maintenance shop houses two shifts of crews working to keep the buses looking great and running smooth.
Bruce Doughty heads up the Interior Repair department. Bruce’s team handles bus repairs inside the coach including updating upholstery, redesigning furniture and upgrading technology. Last minute bunk changes, satellite repairs, International wireless internet cards, baby beds and fresh carpet all fall to the interior repair crew. They make sure the client’s needs are met at all times to feel at home away from home. Mark Thompson oversees the New Conversion shop which designs and constructs new bus builds for Hemphill Brothers Coach Company and occasionally outside clients. The team starts with an empty shell, adds plumbing, heating & cooling, customized interiors, wiring and state of the art electronics to create a one of a kind custom coach fit for musicians, authors, politicians, speakers, professional athletes, popes or anyone else needing a superior ride from doorstep to doorstep.

The conversion shop is prepared to handle everything from the construction of custom interiors in new buses to minor modifications in existing buses.
Everything is custom-built: walls, furniture, staterooms, bathrooms. Our master craftsmen use the finest materials available to bring life to our own designs or those brought to us by an artist. Details are important: We also staff complete wood finishing and upholstery shops to maintain our high-level of quality down to the last screw and seat cover. Modifications-from changing a hard-to-reach light bulb to redesigning the sleep quarters-arehandled with the same care and expertise as a new conversion. We frequently alter our own fleet to meet the request of a client. We also make modifications on buses owned by other companies and artists. A Hemphill Brothers Coach is a rolling hotel suite, a luxurious and comfortable home for your time on the road. Our buses are the finest, convenient, and dependable touring coaches on the road.

Lately, Hemphill Brothers upgraded control panels in their coaches to a touch panel system.  This allows passengers to control air doors, shades, lights and other electronic devices with the touch of a button.  Some star buses are even equipped with an Apple iPad operating system.  Clients can control features of the bus from anywhere in the bus from a single Hemphill app.  Coaches can also include a multi-view camera system, where passengers can view the outside perimeter of the bus while sitting or in motion. The GPS system is accessible throughout the coach on monitors and plays an important role when driving across the country. We also are constantly updating televisions with Smart HDTVs, game systems, aircards and stereo equipment with the newest features.  Installing Apple TVs on our coaches is now a standard.

The Band Perry gets a custom ride
Watch as Hemphill Brothers Coach Company creates a custom extreme RV for The Band Perry who toured more than 300 nights a year.

FAQsIf you have a question that isn’t answered here please feel free to use the contact us page to send us an email and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

Hemphill Brothers typically sells a dozen plus used units a year in addition to the new bus sales. We have an on staff sales representative who manages the sales inventory. He maintains a special website and sets up appointments for potential buyers. We select buses for sale based on their year, mileage and demand on our lease schedule. You can view all of the busses that are currently for sale at our Coach Sales Site

You can find all of our latest photos uploaded on our Flickr Stream

Hemphill Brothers Coach Company on Flickr

Of course we do 🙂

We have over 100 certified CDL drivers in a driver pool at Hemphill Brothers. Where they drive the coaches honestly depends on the tour and the client. Our Broadway tours travel 200 days a year with very limited breaks and then we have some artists that perform one off shows here and there, but keep their bus just in case they need it. Our clients live all over the world and many in multiple locations. We meet them where they currently are and take them where they need to go. For instance, we service several movie stars who own a half a dozen or more homes that we are constantly transporting from one location to the next. We are responsible for their travel needs and they enjoy the convenience and flexibility of traveling on a luxury tour bus across the entire United States and Canada. Collectively our buses traveled over 6.6 million miles in 2013.

Simple, to submit you question and one of our representatives will get back to you ASAP.

How soon do you have to be at your next gig? Seriously though, a typical bus will run around 65-70 mph on the open highway.

Yes we do sell used coaches. We have an on staff sales representative who manages the sales inventory. He maintains a special website and sets up appointments for potential buyers. We select buses for sale based on their year, mileage and demand on our lease schedule. You can view all of the busses that are currently for sale at our Coach Sales Site

This bunk is one of my favorite

spots in the world! I sleep better on

a moving bus then I do in my own bed at home.

Hemphill Brothers Client –

Photo taken by https://www.flickr.com/ph...

Miley Cyrus

The road is long, dark, and deep,

but I have promises to keep,

and miles to go before I sleep.

Terry Ford Profile Video
Watch as long time Hemphill Brothers Coach Company driver Terry Ford is profiled in part 1 of this excellent series of videos. Our drivers are the connection we have between the company and the client and we are proud of the excellent staff we have assembled over the years. Take a moment and view all of our drivers below the video and the year they joined the Hemphill Brothers Team. Thanks to all of them for keeping the wheels turning for more than 34 years now.


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