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Sending a Picture From your Computer to Instagram:

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Sending a Video From your Computer to Instagram:

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Troubleshooting Gramblr v2 Steps:

Warning: Reinstalling will cause you to lose scheduled photos on your drive. You must backup C:\ProgramData\Gramblr\scheduled (windows) or /Applications/Gramblr.app/Contents/Resources/Data/scheduled (mac) regularly!.

2018-04-24: Due to a recent issue, you will require if you cannot start the application.

  • Try the reboot button at the top left in Gramblr (Mac: Reboot your computer).
  • Try closing Gramblr in the task manager (Windows).
  • Download and run the newest version.
  • Install
  • Allow outgoing connections to app.gramblr.com:4344
  • Sign out of your Gramblr account, rename the file C:\Program Files\Gramblr\gramblr.exe to gramblr.exe.bk, extract the newly downloaded one there, and end the Gramblr task in Task Manager and re-open it.
  • for help.

Windows XP is not compatible (use Gramblr v1 for XP).

Incompatible Antiviruses. These antiviruses change the way your system works, and we haven't had time to develop a workaround.
Norton (if it is installed, Gramblr will crash frequently), 360 Total Security (Gramblr will crash on startup. We haven't found a way to make it work again even after uninstalling the antivirus)

Automatic Cropping

Don't waste anymore time opening complex applications to crop a square. We do it for you!

50+ Image Filters

There are over 50 different filters and effects designed make your pictures look amazing.

Full UTF-8 Support

Write your captions in any language on earth with full character set support.

The Ratings Game

You can either like or skip photos from other members, and they'll do the same. You can then see how many people didn't like your photo!

Free Likes = Joy!

We can give you free Instagram likes! All you need is Coins, and you get them by playing the Ratings game :)

Help & Support

The Gramblr software automatically reports anything that goes wrong, but you can also contact us directly for any questions

These screenshots were taken when uploading a photo in Gramblr v2.0.0.

Version 2.0.0

Released on August 30th, 2015
  • New Full User Accounts and Integration
  • New Ability to add filters
  • New Coins currency
  • Fix Photo cropping integration
  • fix Logout sequence to avoid checkpoints
  • fix Uninstallation logic

Version 1.0.1

Released on July 10th, 2013
  • New Full Mac OS X Compatibility
  • New Added HashTags support
  • Fix Upload update & fixes
  • fix Various UTF-8 enhancements

Version 1.0.0

Released on October 30th, 2012
  • New Initial release for Windows
  • Q. Is it safe for my account?

    Absolutely. There has been hundreds of millions of pictures uploaded using Gramblr over the years and we have never heard of a single account being negatively affected. We collect feedback publicly through userreport.com, you can see it using the feedback button at your left.

  • Q. Why is this service free?

    It started off as a really underground tool, we put up a quick web page to share upload photos and add effects it with friends and they ended up sharing it with their friends as well. Gramblr is quite popular now, and we have not thought about possible income from it yet because we're so busy improving it!

  • Q. Are you associated with Instagram?

    We have no association with Instagram.

  • Q. What are the coins for in the application?

    We wanted to create something for our users to do together, and we thought creating a little "game of likes" would be quite fun. It's a nice way to see and like other people's pictures, and being able to expect the same in return if you want to! We think it could become an easier way for some people to get noticed and get followers too.

If Gramblr doesn't work, please try downloading it again first. Otherwise, make sure you have tried the Online].

For general questions, bug reports or press inquires please fill out the form below.

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