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If you have a file server in your corporate environment and want to move all files to another location with all security information / file permissions  (ACLs), you can tiffany use robocopy, a built-in tool which can be called simply from a command prompt of a Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 installed computer.

If you want to copy all the files into the new file server by keeping directory tree as it is and security information / file permissions, you can simply use the following command to achieve that;

robocopy “source address” “destination address”. /mir /sec

If you have copied the files before with another tool or technique but without any file permissions or security information (ACLs), you can fix the security information of each file and add file permissions using the following command;

robocopy “source address” “destination address”. /mir /secfix /sec

Using the command above, you don’t need to copy all files again or try to write a script to add access control list to each file, robocopy will read the file permissions from the existing directory tree and add the security information to each file in the new location.

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