Telling stories with photos

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A single image can convey hundreds of complex ideas, but don’t just happen. The photographer has to make them.

This is a collection of remarkable photos covering a variety of subjects, from a range of ages and with a multiplicity of stories to tell.

1. "Photography is nothing — it's life that interests me." - Henri Cartier-Bresson.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 1

2. "I was quite amazed when the leader (the older fellow) told them to clean up or to get sodas, they all obeyed immediately as if they were in the army." — Bruce Gilden.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 2

3. Zhu Xiaoyan died of stomach cancer in July 2008 when she was 22. Her daughter visits her tomb with her grandfather in Zhangyuzhuang Village.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 3

4. Abandoned dogs roam an empty street in a tsunami-stricken Minamisoma.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 4

5. Children react at the story of "Saint George and the Dragon" in Tuileries, France.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 5

6. "The hot weather last night took Weegee, the photographer, to the Lower East Side, where he found these children sleeping on a tenement fire escape at Irving and Rivington Streets." — Newspaper caption.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 6

7. "[My photographs] are fragments of endless possibilities." — Saul Leiter.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 7

8. Three ill-famed women in Paris’ red-light district.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 8

9. The young shepherd cries after a car killed six of his sheep in Puno, Peru.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 9

10. Women workers employed as wipers in the roundhouse having lunch in their restroom in Clinton, Iowa.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 10

11. Mosse uses the obsolete Kodak Aerochrome to depict a Democratic Republic of Congo plagued by conflicts.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 11

12. "The boys at the candy machines. They were playing football in the street. I photographed them and gave them some money for it. And presto, they all hung on that machine and put the penny earned straight into it." — Josef Heinrich Darchinger.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 12

13. "I take photographs to hold on to the ephemeral, capture chance, keep an image of something that will disappear: gestures, attitudes, objects that are reminders of our brief lives. The camera picks them up and freezes them at the very moment that they disappear." — Sabine Weiss.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 13

14. Master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick photographed in his youth the vibrant city life of postwar New York City. Mickey, a shoeshine of 12, is one of the subjects he followed around.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 14

15. Portrait of a police officer taken during the protests in front of the Icelandic Parliament after the 2008 financial collapse.

15 Pictures That Tell a Story 15

Tell a story while capturing the moment.

Truly great photographs are those that succeed in capturing the fleeting moment and the stories enveloping it, regardless of their subject, style and time they were taken.

Updated: stories Mar 5th 2014


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