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Today I’m doing a campaign with on how to create cardboard cutouts for a photobooth. I remember wooden versions of these at county fairs growing up and they make me feel a little bit nostalgic. Depending on your party you could recreate these in just about any theme. Think: Cowboys for a western theme. Aliens and Astronauts for a space theme. The whole process is pretty simple but it does take about an hour or so to make each character. Here is how we made them.

Large Pieces of Cardboard (refrigerator boxes work great for this.)
Projector (we borrowed one from a friend)
Acrylic Paint and Paint Brushes

Step 1. Once you’ve decided on the characters you want to make you can draw them yourself or download ours below.

Step 2. Project the images with a projector onto the wall. Prop up the cardboard so the image lands on it and then trace it out. If you are making them for kids you’ll want to make them shorter so move the projection so it gets smaller.

Step 3. Paint the cardboard in colors and once its dry outline it with black paint for a cartoon-y effect.

Step 4. Cut out characters with sharp knife like a box cutter.

Et voila! The cutouts will be all ready for your guests to mix and match the characters for the perfect party photo op.

Click below to download some characters to trace.

Thank you to for the photography and Alexis Birkmeyer for her master tracing skills and for pulling it all together.

All photos by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

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