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The shooting of Rekha Thapa’s new movie ‘Rampyari’ is going on. The movie scheduled to release on the last Friday of the year 2072 features Rekha in the leading role. The movie is a story of a three-wheeler driver woman in Chitwan.

rampyari shooting rekha thapa and director shabir shrestha

In the movie, Rekha is in main role. Actress is going to be featured opposite to Aavash Adhikari. Sabin Shrestha is going to be featured opposite to Rekha in the movie. The director Shabir Shrestha is directing the movie. Last year, the movie. But, later she decided to let Shabir direct it instead.

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Rekha Thapa was on the 7th floor at the time of the earthquake. When it started shaking she couldn’t think of running. They just stayed there. After the earthquake Rekha and her mother ran out of the apartment and went outside. They lived outside after that and in a restaurant.

rekha thapa and himgyap lama birthday (72)

After being settled outside, she also went to visit the camps of people in Tundikhel, Maharjgujn, and Pashupati to distribute the help she could give. Here are some photos of the visits:

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Here are some photos of Rekha Thapa’s visit to Dakshinkali temple on Thursday, April 9, 2015. Rekha’s visit to the temple is at the time she is preparing for the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Ram Pyari’. The movie will also as the leading actor.

rekha thapa visits dakshinkali templa (1)

Dakshinkali temple is located 22 km out of Kathamandu and about 1 km from Pharping village. One of the important Goddess temple in Kathmandu is the temple of Goddess Kali. The name Dakshinkali is made up of the location of the temple in the South part of the city and Kali is the name of the goddess. Animal sacrifice, specially goats in the temple have been an issue of controversy among animal rights advocates.

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Like earlier years ( and ), Rekha celebrated bhai tika with her brothers.

Photo slide show of Diwali and Bhai Tika:

Here is a photo-highlight of Bhai Tika celebration with her brothers.

bhai tika 2014 rekha thapa (11)

bhai tika 2014 rekha thapa (1)

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Tihar is the festival of lights, fun and enjoyment. We worship a lot of things from crows, dogs and cows. Lit lights, go for Deusi and Bhailo and have a lot of fun.

rekha thapa deepawali 2014 (16)

The most entertaining and interesting of them all is the Deepawali. Here are some photos of celebrating Deepawali with her brother and mother.

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