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Engaging Blocmemoire was one of the best decisions we have made for our wedding. Guanhui and Silvia are both stars, and are an absolute joy to work with! Given their local and international successes, this photography POWER duo are truly super fun-loving, super humble and down to earth and extremely, extremely hardworking. And I have to emphasize that humility and their dedication is truly why they such a gem to work with!

Their passion and love for their craft comes in the form of their photos - but it extends beyond that: Their friendship to us (and other vendors), their love for each other, their team work (I love it whenever they take photos, Silvia will say "CROSSING", "BACK"; husband and wife teamwork and chemistry are amazeballs), their love for wanting to help other couples truly enjoy their wedding, is testament to why having them as a vendor made our wedding (and many others) that much more special, that much more magical.

Guan Hui and Silvia, we thanked you a lot, but cannot stop thanking you for being so nice and kind and humble and amazing throughout the wedding celebrations. Even the bridal party was praising you NONSTOP! The photos are gorgeous and truly having you as part of our celebration was a dream and an honor! LOVE YOU BOTH! HUAT AH!

x, Greg and Gen


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