Photos of troy bolton

Fairlea Florence 4D, 4M
4/10/04 - 5/17/18

Black-and-cream buckskin. Photos from 2010. Only shown twice as a yearling, because I had so many yearlings to show that year, she still won her Junior leg. As a senior she got caught in the changeover from AGS-sanctioned to ADGA-sanctioned shows when most AGS shows disappeared and ADGA became the only venue available. She had to play catch-up at the same time as many other outstanding AGS champions who were also trying to play catch-up in ADGA, and then was out of commission for two years with a leg injury. Then in 2013 she had a kidding issue and never kidded again (two dead kids out of 5 total, probably due to high phytoestrogen content of the feed, which is why I changed to all non-GMO, non-Roundup grains). So she is one win short of a championship in both AGS and ADGA.
Florence is from three generations of champions (coming down from Heidi, Gretchen, and Fleur). She is taller and more elegant than her mother, but has her mother's big, milkable teats and in her prime was the second highest-producing milker in my barn (after her half-sister Marguerite).
Show wins: AGS: 1 Junior GrCh and 1 Senior GrCh; ADGA: 2 Senior GrCh; 5 Reserves.

ARMCH Fairlea Troy D E, M
4/23/04 - 3/4/18


Black-and-mahogany buckskin with white markings and frosted ears and nose, born 4/23/04. Photos taken August, 2008 (third freshening). Troy is beautifully elegant and smoothly blended, a pleasure to look at - and she knows it. She walks with dignity around the barnyard and pasture, and often pauses in a proud stance just to let everyone appreciate her beauty and accept our obeisance. She finished her AGS MCH title in 2009 with some Best Udders, several reserves, and many firsts.
AGS Classification: 91.0 E.
Show Wins: (all AGS) 1 Junior GrCh, 2 Senior GrCh, 6 Reserves
Major Wins: Grand Champion Junior Doe at the 2005 ANDDA National Specialty, held at the AGS National shows in Springfield, MA. Competing as a senior at the 2007 AGS Nationals, she won her class at the ANDDA specialty and was second in her class at the AGS National Show. When the changeover from AGS to ADGA shows happened in 2009, I didn't try to get her an ADGA championship because she would have been in competition with too many of my own goats, who also deserved championships. But her AGS title can stand very well on its own.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2015: EEEV 91 at the age of 11 years! - Eric Jermain
GCH Fairlea Marguerite 4D E, 4M

Gold and white, born March, 2005. Udder photo from 2011; side photo from 2010. Marguerite is a fourth-generation champion. She has a fabulous udder, the highest and widest in my herd. She is also the highest milk producer in my herd, especially surprising for such a little doe. For several years she came within 4-8 pounds of Top Ten listing for milk production in the breed in both AGS and ADGA, but after I changed feed (I haven't been able to get alfalfa hay and this year I also changed the grain mix), she hasn't come as close in the past couple of years. A pity, but to me healthy food and healthy kids is more important than Top Ten status, and the constant exposure to Roundup and soy was killing a lot of my kids and causing severe mineral imbalances and other health problems in the herd. I am very happy with the results from eliminating soy and GMO and mixing my own grains.
AGS Classified: E, 91.1, on 6/25/11 at age 6 by Tim Flickinger.
Show Wins: AGS: 2 AGS Senior GrCh; ADGA: 3 Senior GrCh, 2 Reserves, 1 Best Udder.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2014: EEEE 91 - Bob Bartholomew
GCH Fairlea Linnet 3D, 3M

Black-and-cream buckskin but mostly white, born 7/1/08, a triplet. Pictures from 2015 - the udder looked better earlier in that season, but unfortunately I didn't get a good picture then,
and none in 2014.
Show Wins: Spring 2014 she looked magnificent and she won Grand Champion Senior Doe and Best of Breed (over competition) at the Southern Maine double shows,
and twice again at the NENDA Sunny Sisters double show in Bolton, MA, to finish her championship!
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2014: VEEE 90 - Bob Bartholomew
Fairlea Barbara 3D, 3M

Polled, black-and-mahogany buckskin, born 3/15/09, a quad. Pictures are from June, 2013, as a four-year-old second freshener.
Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to get any pictures that properly show her really outstanding teat placement, one of her best features.
Show wins: One Reserve Grand Champion as a senior in milk.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2014: VEEV 88 - Bob Bartholomew
2015: VEEV 89 - Eric Jermain
GCH Fairlea Amaryllis D, 2M

Gold with white belt and frosted ears and nose, born 4/12/09, a quad. Pictures are 2013, her second freshening. Because she is small and unassuming, she didn't do a lot of
winning until she was six years old. When she won that first Grand Champion leg, judge Daniel Considine-Portage commented that she was the only Nigerian there
that truly fit the description "a miniature version of a standard dairy goat." Then in 2016, she won Grand Champion at the second and third shows I went to. So my
sweet, meek little girl is now a permanent Grand Champion!
Amaryllis is also the only one of my goats who can boast of a theatrical career - she played the admiral's goat in the Concord (MA) Players 2012 performance of "Mr Rogers."
Show wins: Three senior ADGA Grand Champion wins and one Reserve.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2014: VEVV 87 - Bob Bartholomew
2015: EVVE 91 - Eric Jermain
New SG title! SGC Fairlea Eleanor 2D, 2M
Gold and white with frosted ears and nose, born 4/16/10, a triplet. The side picture is from 2013, her second freshening; rear is from 2012. I held her back and didn't show her much
as an adult because I was afraid she would beat her own mother Ester, who had a hard kidding in 2013 and I didn't know if she would ever get pregnant again and be able to finish
the ADGA championship she was working on - and, sure enough, the only time I showed both, Eleanor beat Ester, even though I kept taking more and more milk out of Eleanor's udder
to make her less competitive. So, sadly, Ester finished her championship in AGS MCH but not in ADGA.
Show wins: Three Senior Grand Champion (ADGA), one Senior Reserve, two Junior reserves, and one Best in Show!
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2015: EEEE 91 - Eric Jermain
ADGA Elite List (top 5 percent of ADGA registered does in milk production): Listed for 2016, 2017, 2018 (need to also check for earlier years)
GCH Fairlea Margereen 5D, 5M

Gold and white with frosted ears, born 4/18/10, a triplet. Side photo from 2012 (her first freshening), rear photo from her second freshening in 2013. (I need to get more recent photos up!)
Margereen is so long it was hard to get a kid picture of her that didn't look unnatural - but I promise that I really didn't Photoshop it! (Who has time for that, anyway?)
She is a fifth generation champion, coming down through Heidi, Gretchen, Fleur, and Marguerite.
Show wins: Won Best in Show with her Junior Leg (both ADGA and AGS) at the Southern Vermont DGA's ADGA show 6/25/11 under judge Tim Flickinger,
then on 5/12/12 won both the Altamont, NY, double ring doe shows to finish her CH as a first freshener at the first show of the year!
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2014: EEEE 91 - Bob Bartholomew
2015: VEEV 88 - Eric Jermain
2017: VEE+ 88 - Karen Smith
GCH Fairlea Princess Grace 5D, 5M

Black-and-gold buckskin, born 5/11/10, a twin. Photos from 2015, her fourth freshening. Another long one and another Junior Best in Show Halifax daughter/Fleur granddaughter,
but much wider than her half-sister Margereen. She and Margereen are half-sisters out of half-sisters (Florence and Marguerite).
And their daughters Irene and Sheer Grace are half-sisters out of half-sisters out of half-sisters!
Show wins: Won Best in Show with her Junior leg (with legs for both ADGA and AGS), then got two ADGA Grand Champions as a senior to finish her title this year (2015).
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2014: VEEE 90 - Bob Bartholomew
2015: VVEE 89 - Eric Jermain
NEW GCH Fairlea Francesca 5M 5D
Chocolate and cream buckskin, born 4/24/12. Photos from 2015, her second freshening. More photos on .
Show wins: Shown only once as junior, she won Junior Grand Champion. As a first freshener, she won several first placements and two Reserves;
and in 2016 as a third freshener she won one ADGA Grand Champion leg and a reserve, and in 2017 her third GCH.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2014: V+VV 86 - Bob Bartholomew
2015: +VVE 87 - Eric Jermain
2017: VVEV 88 - Karen Smith
Fairlea Irene 6D 6M (New Milk title)
Dragonfly RY Stonewall Jackson x
Buckskin/chamoisee, born 3/13/2013. Photos are from 2017, her third freshening.
Show wins: I showed her only once as a junior, as a six-month-old kid, when she won Junior Grand Champion. As a senior, she has so far accumulated 2 Grand Champions and 2 reserves.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2015: VVEV 87 - Eric Jermain
2017: VVVE 89 - Karen Smith
Fairlea Phoebe B Beebee 4D 4M (New Milk Titles)
Splashy buckskin-and-white doe, born 3/25/14. Side photo is from 2016 - rear photo is from 2017, her second freshening.
Show wins: As a junior yearling she won two reserves and then got her ADGA Junior leg at the Topsfield Fair. She now has one senior Grand Champion and 2 senior reserves as well.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2017: VEVE 90 - Karen Smith
2018: VEVE 91 - Eric Jermain
Fairlea Athena Ilia
Roaned chamois&eacutee-and-white doe, born 2/22/15.
Show wins:
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results:
2017: VEV+ 87 - Karen Smith
2018: EEEV 89 - Eric Jermain
Fairlea Minerva
3/2/16. Dark buckskin doe. Shown three times as a Junior, she won two Reserves and the third time, Grand Champion and Best In Show!
Show wins: ADGA: Jr Champion and 2 reserves.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2018 EVEE 89 - Eric Jermain
Fairlea Bronwyn
5/13/16. Black-and-white doe. Side photo is from 2017, rear is from August, 2018, her first freshening. There are more photos on .
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2018 VVE+ 84 - Eric Jermain
Fairlea Erin
5/13/16. Gold-and-white doe.
Show wins: ADGA: Jr Champion and 1 reserve.
ADGA Linear Appraisal Results: 2018 VEVV 86 - Eric Jermain

Oberhasli and Mini Obers

GCH Seraiah Farms' LHY Ailia M
3/6/2010 - 7/16/2016
Red bay and black. Sadly, I lost my sweet Ailia at only six years old, from pregnancy toxemia. She left behind a lovely half-Nigerian daughter who I hope will carry on her personality, beauty, and tremendous milk production. The pictures are from fall, 2013, during the second year of Ailia's first lactation. I wanted to experience "big goats" and couldn't resist the elegant look of this breed. Thank you, Michael Covey, for this utterly sweet and lovely girl!
Show wins: I only took her to three shows in 2013, and she won GrCH and BB at all three and finished her CH at only three years old! This included one show with an empty udder; I got confused and milked her out for the Best in Show competition in the first ring of a two-ring show before we had been in the second ring. But she still won in the second ring!

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