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Jawhar, located in the Sahayadri mountain range, 165 km from , is popularly known as the of Thane (since it was located in the Thane district of Maharashtra. It is now a part of the newly-created Palghar district). Pleasant climate and scenic beauty of Jawhar evokes comparisons with the popular hill station in . Jawhar also boasts of strong cultural ethos and a history that dates back to the 14 th century. Founded in 1306, Jawhar was ruled by the Munke dynasty and served as camping point for Maratha king Shivaji and his army en route . Jawhar was part of the Mumbai Presidency under the British.

Jawhar in Maharashtra – Dabhoasa waterfall

Jawhar is also home to the Warli, Kolcha and Kukana tribes and these tribal communities have taken special efforts to preserve their culture and traditions. Jawhar is noted for Warli paintings that depict scenes from everyday life of the Warli people and were traditionally drawn with white on red background. However, with growing commercial popularity of the paintings, Warli paintings use different colors and also depict new ideas. To offer a peek into daily life of the tribe and help educate outsiders, several households from these tribes offer homestays for travelers. ALSO SEE 

In addition to its scenic beauty, Jawhar also boasts of several interesting places to see. Jai Vilas Palace, the residence of Munke rulers, , and scenic places like t and Sunset Point are some of the must visit spots in Jawhar.

Listing image: By Ajaygabhale/Wikimedia Commons


There are limited accommodation options in Jawhar and there definitely are no plush hotels here. However, one can enjoy the traditional hospitality of the locals of Jawhar by opting to live in a homestays. You can also choose to stay in resorts offering budget and mid-range accommodations.


There are no fancy restaurants in Jawhar, but home-cooked meals offered by the locals are totally worth the buck. Kelichapada also has community kitchens.


The average minimum and maximum temperature of Jawhar is as given below. The best time to visit Jawhar is also specified.

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One of the hidden getaways from Mumbai is the stunning hill station of Jawhar, known for its breathtaking waterfalls and fantastic viewing points. Located in the beautiful Konkan region, Jawhar makes for a great monsoon…

If you want to escape all the hustle bustle of city life, visit any of these hidden gems near Mumbai.

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