Photo robert de niro

Robert De Niro at 2018 Tonys 'F Trump'... Gets Standing O

's over coming up with clever ways to insult -- he's now sticking with "F Trump," which he just blurted out at the Tony Awards... twice.

photo robert de niro

Bob was introducing ahead of his Tony performance Sunday night, and before he could utter a word of grace... he dropped the big F-bomb niro on DT. 

De Niro didn't waste any time with his message either, going right into... "I just want to say one thing -- F Trump." He got a huge standing ovation from the room, and continued with... "It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f Trump." Even more cheers erupted. 

CBS ended up bleeping huge sections of his remarks in an attempt to censor the profanity -- and that left many wondering exactly what De Niro had said. 

Welp... there you have it. Raw and uncut. 

Robert De Niro        

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