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384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
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  Software E-zines and Newsletters   Non-English software sites   Linux software sites A large index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software and mobile applications. Linux distributions, news, software, tutorials, education, communities, desktops, laptops, Linux on ARM and more. Linux download A large collection of Linux software organized by category. Free software downloads for Linux.   Computer Directories Communications, software, security, greeting cards, hardware, wallpapers, alternative operating systems, etc. An extensive directory of computer related sites (hardware, software) containing countless useful categories. Definitely worth a visit!   Software Search Engines   Related Freebyte pages Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by This page can help you to find the drivers, DLL's or BIOS upgrades you need. Free and non-free anti-virus software, free firewalls, free email protection software, free virus prevention software, tests of anti-virus programs, links to specialized anti-virus sites, information about virus prevention, useful evaluation versions of anti-virus software, etc.. Free office suites, word processors, desktop publishing, text editors, personal databases, diagram software, presentation programs, fonts, document viewers, PDF utilities, thesauri, spellcheckers, document converters, etc. Free Mechanical Engineering software for a variety of platforms. Free file, disk and email encryption software; free password managers, free data wiping tools, firewalls, computer vulnerability tests. Various file and disk utilities. Free chess, free checkers, free go, free card games, free puzzle games, free arcade games, free games CD-roms, free online games, free games for download, cheats, virtual pets, role playing, and more! Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more! Free programs to surf the Web, free email software, email virus protection, free newsgroup programs, free Internet chat, telephony and messaging applications, free telnet software, free firewalls, etc. Free operating systems, such as: FreeBSD, Windows clones, emulators and much more. Also: interesting alternative commercial operating systems. Free programming tools for Windows, Linux, etc. Free C++, C, Delphi, Basic, Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, Java, SQL, Databases; links to free compilers, databases, interpreters, IDE's, installers, components, libraries, languages, helpfile generators and more. Free software for the small PSION handheld computers. Free screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don't require any programming, and more. Free technical support for all computer-related issues: Hardware, software, PC, Windows, MAC, PDAs, Linux, drivers, Modems, dll's, virus. Free MP3 files, midi files, free music videos, free sheet music, free samples and loops, online music lessons, music and audio search engines, etc. Free process viewers, system analysis tools, network monitoring tools, registry tools, task schedulers.     Information wanted! If you know of any good software or shareware sites to be listed on this page, please !   About this page Last updated on November 12, 2012

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