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Project Time:30 minutes


Create quick and easy bottlecap magnets featuring some of your favorite candid photobooth photo strips. These cute magnets will quickly become favorites on your fridge, or will make a great gift for family and friends.

It’s easy to take photobooth pics with the Pocketbooth app on your smartphone. The Pocketbooth app mimics a retro photobooth, and creates authentic-looking photobooth strips, all from your smartphone. Just print the photo strips on your HP printer to enjoy them, or use them for creative projects like this one.

Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets Supplies:

  • Photos, printed on HP Paper 4×6”
  • 1” Bottle Cap Magnets
  • 1” Clear Epoxy Dome Stickers
  • 1” Paper Punch (or Sharp Scissors)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets

Take and Print Photos:

  1. Before you begin, open the app on your phone, and take a few photostrips sets. Save them to your photo roll with the little “send” button on the bottom right. Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets
  2. Create a collage of three Pocketbooth strips in the free online photo editing app, Create an image that is 800×1200 pixels, with three photo boxes across the collage. Drop three of the Pocketbooth strips into the collage, then save it to your computer.Making the collage this size will print the photos so that the faces in the photos will fit in the 1” space available in the magnets. Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets
  3. Print the collage on HP 4×6” photo paper.

Make the Magnets:

Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets

  1. Cut the photos into strips to make them easier to punch out with the paper punch. Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets
  2. Turn the 1” paper punch upside-down and position the photos so they are centered in the punch as you would like them to appear in the magnet. Punch out each photo. Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets
  3. Peel the 1” epoxy dome sticker from the sticker backing, and apply it to one of the punched photo circles. It’s okay if the photo isn’t perfectly lined up. Trim photo if necessary.Burnish the back of the photo with your fingernail to eliminate any air bubbles trapped between the photo and the sticker. Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets

    Alternately, if you don’t have a paper punch, apply the epoxy dome stickers to the photos BEFORE you cut them. Then, trim around the dome sticker with sharp scissors or a craft knife.

    Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets

  4. Apply glue to the back of the photo, then insert it into the bottle cap magnet. Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets

This quick and easy project makes the most adorable and professional-looking magnets. Give them as gifts to grandparents, parents, or other family, or friends. And don’t forget to keep some for yourself!

Pocketbooth Photo Bottle Cap Magnets


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