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  • Conoco Station - Friendship
    Submerged Ghost Town in Williamson County
    Three Filling Stations:
    Although all three buildings provided the same basic needs of the motorist, separately, they could be prime examples of “Modest,” “Utilitarian” and station “Grandiose” gas stations.

  • Photo Courtesy Mel Brown

  • Photo Courtesy Mike Price

  • Photo CourtesyTerry Jeanson

  • "Having old gas station photos never pumped a pint, let alone a gallon of gasoline, this station-that-never-was has become our symbol for a particular period in Texas history."
Old Gas Stations In Texas

TEXAS OLD GAS STATIONS Abandoned, obsolete, converted, defunct or ficticious

Antique Gasoline Pumps

Oil Wells, Plants, Pumpjacks,
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  • Fayetter County 12-11-17
    J. E. Wessels Humble Station became Havemann's Texaco Station in 1940
  • by Barbara Duvall Wesolek

  • by Nolan Maxie
    My earliest and fondest recollection of a brand new vehicle in my life was in 1946. I was seven years old...
  • by N. Ray Maxie
    How it came close to killing my Dad
  • by Delbert Trew
    This is not the first time fuel prices spawned drastic measures. There was a time when 38-cent per gallon gas brought out the worst in travelers...
  • by Perry Peary
    Currently there is a commercial running on television that shows how this country has become dependent upon foreign oil to keep us going. The man behind the scene advocates us using more natural gas as well as wind power. He goes on to show how our dependence has grown over the past thirty or forty years.
  • by N. Ray Maxie
    Maybe we all can agree that gasoline is on the front burner right now; so to speak. Prices are at historically high levels... For those of us in this nation having learned how to be frugal, now is the time to practice it...
  • by Maggie Van Ostrand
    Politics has again reared its ugly head, and this time, the platform is "Corn produces ethanol and ethanol fuels automobiles!"...
  • by Bob Bowman
    In the early l900s, 27-year-old Walter B. Pyron, of Blossom, Texas, a production foreman for Guffy Oil Company, noticed gas bubbles rising from Caddo Lake...
  • by Perry Peary
    "..We’ve known that our dependency on foreign oil has been going up for the past twenty years and not one of the administrations; both republican and democratic have chosen to do anything about it. We just stick our collective heads in the sand and act as if there isn’t anything wrong and that all will be ok...."
  • by N. Ray Maxie
    "My father was a pumper in the East Texas oil fields for a small oil company that had come into the area and bought up many less than 'gusher' oil wells. Some oil people soon began to call those wells, 'strippers'..."
  • by Fred B. McKinley
    Who says that oil, wool—and sheep manure don’t mix?
  • by Archie P. McDonald
    John Warne Gates, a native of Winfield, Illinois, became associated with three of Texas’ most important items: barbed wire, railroads, and oil.
  • by Archie P. McDonald
    Few East Texans remember Lyne Taliaferro Barret, but they should: Barret drilled the first oil well in Texas.
  • by Perry Peary

    Cartoons by Roger T. Moore
US Gas Stations


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