Make your own photo cookbook


What better way to get people to talk about your brand around the kitchen table than by make your own photo cookbook helping them make dinner? Literally.

Cookbook Cafe is the first and only cookbook publishing platform that enables marketers to create and mass-distribute branded, interactive ebook and app-based cookbooks.


Once published, cookbooks are available in the Cookbook Cafe marketplace (online and iPad App), where they can be discovered easily by cookbook enthusiasts, including the popular companion food social network community. Engagement with each brand is enhanced by the platform’s robust multimedia and social integration, which enable readers to watch videos and connect easily with brands online.

Unlike other DIY ebook and app publishing platforms, Cookbook Cafe is not limited by technology platform. It functions across different types of devices, including the iPad and any desktop or mobile web browser.

Cookbook Cafe’s proprietary contextual search and indexing system further enhances discoverability to help consumers find branded cookbooks that match their interests.  The system works by individually indexing each recipe in all the cookbooks offered in the Cookbook Cafe marketplace.

For example, consumers searching the term “chocolate chip cookie recipe” will find any such recipe contained in the branded cookbook titled “Juice Dishes & Saucy Bites: Recipes from Desperate Housewives” (published by the TV series). Such discoverability is key to successful ebook and app publishing.

To date, recipe/cookbook partners include:  Driscoll’s, Chobani, Sony, Disney, Sabra, Hershey’s, Scharffren Berger, ABC, Chef the film, and KitchenAid to name a few.

Case Study: For the launch of the new Tinker Bell “Secret of the Wings” movie, we worked with Disney to produce two cookbooks designed to inform and inspire the film’s most passionate fans.

  1. The first cookbook featured recipes developed by Disney such as “Tink’s Sun Sea” and “Tink’s Berry Ice” — both easy to make for even the tiniest chefs.
  2. The second cookbook was crowdsourced with recipes submitted by Tinker Bell fans. Fans simply filled out a digital recipe card, added a photo/video and clicked submit. Disney benefitted from the fan-inspired content and marketing help from their community (from fans who submitted recipes and in-turn encouraged their friends to download the cookbook).

See screenshots here:

Are you a brand looking for an innovative way to share new content, repurpose existing content or find new ways to get your fans involved? Let’s chat! Contact at 866-538-2253 or.

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