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A picture may or may not be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a picture can capture the character and personality of an individual, or the spirit and essence of a situation better than even the most talented writer. Hopefully, some of the following photographs achieve that.

  • Writers and Investigators
    • Members of the Warren Commission, September 24, 1964
    • , forensic pathologist and conspiracy theorist, addresses a conspiracy convention in Pittsburgh in 2003.
    • , inventor of "jiggle analysis" and discoverer of "jet effect."
    • -- Producer of TV documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"
    • , who in 1964 was the Warren Commission counsel investigating Jack Ruby. Photo is circa 1999.
    • -- author of the Single Bullet Theory
    • Long-time conspiracy theorist and researcher of Philadelphia, in his home in 2014.
    • -- "Sewer" theorist
    • , editor of books and supporting the theory of Zapruder film alteration
    • The late, Dallas researcher obscure to the general public, but legendary among assassination researchers. Photo © Fort Worth Star-Telegram, used by permission.
    • , proprietor of
    • , runs and has written a biography of Win Scott, CIA station chief in Mexico City.
    • , curator of the.
    • Journalist who reported both the JFK assassination in Dallas and the Garrison investigation in New Orleans.
    • -- conspiracy author
    • , on plane, in 1970.
    • (author of Case Closed)
    • , Chair of the
    • , in a circa 1953 photo.
    • . Russo has written the JFK assassination books and.
    • , in C-SPAN appearance.
    • , proponent of the theory that killed Kennedy.
    • , Dallas District Attorney who would have prosecuted Oswald (Wade is also the "Wade" in Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.)
    • in a late evening news conference on the day of the assassination
    • , who conducted a sham "investigation" in New Orleans between 1966 and 1969.
    • , the officer who was handcuffed to Oswald when Oswald was shot by Ruby.
    • , photographed at the old Dallas Police Headquarters in 2011.
    • , a weapons expert who believes that Kennedy was killed when a Secret Service agent accidentially loosed off a shot.
    • Pioneer conspiracy researcher, speaking on the 2002 COPA conference.
    • Disbarred lawyer, author of the rather dubious volume which blames Lyndon Johnson for killing Kennedy.
    • , researcher who believes there was a conspiracy, but has been instrumental in debunking the wilder conspiracy scams, tall tales and unreliable witnesses.
  • Witnesses, Suspects, and Other Folks
    • , a man who.
    • (frame from Muchmore Film)
    • .
    • Oswald at
    • is brought from his 5th floor jail cell to the third floor Homicide and Robbery Bureau on Saturday morning
    • , Dealey Plaza witness in the office of the Dallas Country Sheriff on the afternoon of the assassination
    • , the cab driver who drove Oswald from the downtown Greyhound station to Oak Cliff
    • , who administered the last rites of the Catholic Church to John Kennedy in the Parkland emergency room
    • , holding the blood-stained shirt he wore in the Parkland Hospital Emergency Room when he and other doctors tried to save John Kennedy
    • -- the man prosecuted by Jim Garrison in New Orleans
    • White House photographers Cecil Stoughton (right), and Robert Knudsen aboard the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., September 22, 1962
    • White House photographer, aboard the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., September 22, 1962
    • with defense attorney pictures Melvin M. Belli, talking with reporters at pre-trial hearing
    • , mother of Lee Harvey Oswald, during Jack Ruby's murder trial, March 1964
    • -- mother Marguerite, wife Marina, two daughters and Mrs. Ruth Paine -- in the Paine kitchen on the morning after the assassination
    • Marina Oswald, on the afternoon of the assassination, for trip to Dallas Police Headquarters
    • , photographed for Life magazine in 1973
    • being removed from ambulance at Parkland Hospital after being shot by Jack Ruby
    • , who tells a fanciful story of, with Jeffrey Holmes of “Strange But True” tours.
  • Scenes
    • on the third floor of Dallas Police headquarters
    • on motorcade route in Fort Worth await President and First Lady
    • , Assistant White House Press Secretary at news conference at Parkland Hospital, approximately 1:35 p.m. Central time, November 22, 1963
    • John Kennedy's coffin at Love Field
    • Jackie Kennedy at Love Field upon arrival in Dallas
    • Lee Oswald's, photographed on the afternoon of the assassination
  • The Politicians
    • the morning of the assassination.
    • at Fort Worth breakfast on morning of the assassination
    • reaches to remove his hat as Jackie enters limo at Love Field
    • , in motorcade car before leaving Love Field
    • Lyndon Johnson being aboard Air Force One by Judge Sarah Hughes.
    • John and Nellie Connally
  • The Kennedy Family
    • , in White House nursery, August 1962.
    • at Fort Worth breakfast speech, November 22, 1963
  • Dealey Plaza
  • The Motorcade
    • , before turning onto Main Street.
    • , supplied by Scott K. Hale.
    • Altgens photo of.
    • Altgens photo of ; John Kennedy has already been hit.
    • Photo by Clint Grant identified as "President John F. Kennedy's automobile." In reality, it's the.
    • , waits outside Parkland Hospital in the limo in which she rode in the motorcade.
    • Amateur snapshot, made with Kodak Brownie camera, of about two minutes before the shooting in Dealey Plaza.
    • A photo of the Presidential limo in front of the Adolphus Hotel.
  • The Grieving
    • enters the ambulance which will carry her husband's body from Parkland Hospital to Love Field
    • , who was shot by Oswald in the wake of the assassination
    • , widow of Officer J.D. Tippit at her husband's funeral
    • Kennedy's in Washington on November 24th, 1963.
    • at Arlington National Cemetery.
    • John Kennedy, Jr., as his mother and sister watch, on May 29, 1964.
    • Jackie Kennedy shortly after her husband's coffin was loaded on board the plane
  • Graves, courtesy of website:


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