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Lights, camera, action. Get ready to share your photos with the world. Slideshows created with the new Photostory Deluxe. Add excitement with camera movement, zooms and music.

Create a wave of excitement among your family and friends.

NEW! Huge selection of effects

Our templates help you create an entertaining slideshow in no time at all. Included: New photo looks + 1,500 effects & music Bonus: Get the latest effects in the Photostory Store!

NEW! Effect Wizard

Fun for your viewers, fun for you: Start creating a slideshow today. Work with the intuitive Effect Wizard for a simplified workflow.

Slideshows without limits.

Endless design possibilities. With stunning effects. For high-resolution photos. The new, ultra-fast program engine makes it all possible!

Create slideshows
It's simple!

jessa zaragoza pictures photos

1. Select your best photos

A journey through the Alps. A day at the seaside. From a glossy print to a snapshot. Photostory works magic on all your photos and videos. Easily load photos to the program with the wizards. Or wirelessly, from your smartphone.

Choose your favorite images

2. Optimize images
Make your images shine

Shaky. Poorly exposed. Or just no optimal detail in an image. With image editing in Photostory Deluxe, you can rescue and restore images so that they're ready for presenting in a slideshow.

The world's fastest retouching:
Automatic image editing

Design truly stunning images in record time. The program's automatic image editing completes all optimizations – so you don't have to.

New: Transform your recordings in a single click with popular photo looks.

Full face lift:
Advanced image editing

Sometimes, simple photo corrections and enhancements just aren't enough - you need expert tools in order to achieve the best look for a photo. Photostory Deluxe offers a new curves tool for precisely modifying color values and brightness.

Replicate your favorite image:
Shot match

A single event. Multiple beautiful images. The innovative shot match feature lets you select your favorite image and transfer its style to other images.

3. Design your slideshow:
Using tons of effects.

Get ready for the big showcase. The new effects wizards help you easily bring your photos together to create an exciting story with stunning effects and the ideal background soundtrack.

Catch people's attention:
Animated intros & outros

First and last impressions are everything. Start your new slideshow and end it on a high note. High-quality animated intro and outro templates lead viewers from the slideshow's beginning to your most exciting shots.

Stay right in the action:
Breathtaking transitions

Keep the excitement going - even when you're just switching from one image to the next. Exciting transitions add further creative touches to your slideshows.

Lights, camera, action:
Tracking shots & zooms

Every picture counts. Each and every image tells a tale. Breathtaking camera tracking shots and zooms let you dive right into an image to show specific details and tell the story behind them.

Unlimited effects:
Effects area

With 1,500 effects, music & sounds, Photostory Deluxe offers everything you need to create a slideshow that's truly unique.

Just browse through the effects collection – you'll see how impressive it is.

Film music & sound effects

Add emotion at the push of a button:
Film music & sound effects

Mountains. Birdsong. Church bells from a distant valley. Dramatic music starts to play. The sheer mountain face looms above, seemingly invincible. The images then switch to the view from the peak with relaxed instrumental music. Access fantastic music and sound effects - all included in Photostory!

Decorative elements

Something for everybody:
Decorative elements

Bam, Boom, Splash. Add fun and exciting details to images. Enhance image content - decorative elements are the perfect way to do it!

The perfect mix:
Beautiful picture collages

Picture-in-picture, not picture follows picture. For more variety. More dynamics. It's the secret tip for how to present lots of similar photos, for instance in a picture collage.

Revolutionary new effects: The Photostory Store

Revolutionary new effects:
The Photostory Store

Access the effects of tomorrow for use in your slideshows today. Entertain your audience with never seen before intros/outros, transitions and title animations.

In the Photostory Store you have access to newly designed effects. Choose your favorite effects for free with an effects coupon with a value of up to.95.

Operation in a class of its own:

Brand new and exclusive to Photostory Deluxe: Apply effects directly to images with a single click. In full screen. With preview. It's the fun way to edit photos.

More than just a wizard:
The Photostory Wizard

You can set the integrated Photostory Wizard to design your slideshow for you from start to finish. Just choose the photos - and the wizard does the rest!

Exciting borders:
Creative effects for portrait pictures

Every single one of your photos can be used in your slideshows. There's even a creative solution for portrait photos with black borders.

Photos on DVD

Choose your storage media
Photos on DVD

And there you have it - a finished slideshow ready for sharing with family and friends. On DVD, Blu-ray, or USB stick. The Export Wizard is ideal for sharing your slideshow with others quickly.

Animations on map

Display your travel route:
Animations on map

Take your viewers on a trip and display your travel route on an animated map!

Mercalli image stabilization

Keep everything smooth:
Mercalli image stabilization

Videos are particularly popular in slideshows - as long as the footage is smooth. High-quality image stabilization solution proDAD Mercalli V2 is included to fix shaky material.

Cutting edge today. Cutting edge tomorrow. Update Service.

Cutting edge today. Cutting edge tomorrow.
Update Service.

To keep you up-to-date while you're creating your slideshows, you'll receive all future new features and effects for free for 1 full year!

With the update service you will receive 1 full year of new features and updates for free, which can be used indefinitely. If you reinstall the program after one year, you will have access to the basic version. After the one-year update service has expired you can extend it for a discounted price.

Online tutorial videos

The free tutorial videos from MAGIX provide you with an initial look at various MAGIX programs.

You'll learn quickly and easily how to use the most important features in order to bring your own projects to life.

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