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Mike Gullace

Timber Frame Manager

Mike's the head of the timber frame shop. In addition to his feline sense of balance (he'll be the guy walking nonchalantly along the ridge beam on raising day), Mike has an uncanny ability to think in 3D & can come up with a solution before anyone else has an inkling that there's a problem. Mike built the home he shares with his wife & children. When free of family obligations, he can be found at one end of a fishing pole in the summer and attached to a bowstring in October.

Mike Basile

Timber Framer

Mike's love of things old school and quirky is a thread that runs through his day to day life. From his choice of tools to his vehicles — his car has its engine backwards he's got a kick starter & points on the bike — he's not afraid to take a stand against the vagaries of fashion.

Jake Webster

Timber Framer

The only member of the shop with a log-home building background and a Mr. Clean hairdo. Jake's steady hand, and carving skill is the force behind all of our timber engravings. He's also a pro at found form and putting the finishing touches on our mortise and tenon joints. When he's not swooning over his wife, daughter, and son, he and his dog Stewie often find themselves at the dry end of a fishing pole.

Paul Plane

Timber Framer

Paul came to the timber frame shop by way of our construction group and is now all grown up with lovely wife Jolene, four young boys, and a 19th century timber frame farmhouse that he's whipped into shape for them all to nest in.

Andy Tack

Timber Framer

Andy's a bit of an enigma — a quiet guy with a tough work ethic. His composed nature makes him a great team member and a skilled hunter — which until recently had occupied most of his Fall weekend mornings. Currently Andy and his wife Ashley are busy keeping up with their daughter Bristol and son Luke, while remodeling their family home.

Matt Hickey

Matt is one of the go-to guys in our timber frame group who works on all aspects of projects – from sanding each timber and mortise pocket to raising day where the timbers are joined to form the final frame. He particularly enjoys raising the frame, spending time on work sites, and seeing the team’s handcrafted art come together. Matt and his wife, Shannon, enjoy the city life in Rochester and spending time with their two Boxers.

Darren Watson

Timber Frame Champion

Darren moved from the West Coast to the East Coast a few years back and found his place in our engineering department. Eventually, the lure of the West was too strong and he soon found his way to Washington and then to Oregon where he lends his talents as our West Coast timber frame shop manager. Quick to smile with a contagious laugh, he enjoys all things outdoors and provides fierce competition to his fellow racquetball enthusiast co-workers. Darren and his wife Rachel are often moving fast in an effort to keep up with their growing boy, Tucker. 

Rick Vanwuyckhuyse

Rick can be a hard guy to catch, at least when he sees a camera. He's been crafting frames with us for half a decade. By all estimates, he has been part of over 150 of our raisings around the nation. With stints in C++ programming and property management, he is happy to be crafting with his hands, traveling, and finds much satisfaction in seeing a frame together. Rick is another musician in our ranks, favoring blues, specializing in the harmonica and guitar. He plays locally here and there to the enjoyment of many, including his wife Brenda. Beyond music and woodworking, Rick and Brenda enjoy time outdoors especially with their family canines Harlow (a lab/pit rescue) and Jamison (a Boston Terrier). 

Mike Westgard

Mike is a tenacious, bearded timber frame champion on the West Coast who believes any day he made someone smile a little bigger and brighter is a day well spent. He started with carpentry at the age of 18, then took some time off to become a sexton (that's a grave digger) but with the market shutdown in 2009, it became a dying industry. He's from McMinnville, one of our only hometown boys, though he loves getting away into the mountains for hiking and hot-springing as far as he can for as long as he can. His favorite fellow crew members of Spaceship Earth are his wife Billie Jo, daughter Hazel, son Jacob, stepdaughter Crescent Moon, and dog partner Porter.  

Alexander Petit

Alexander came to our McMinnville shop from Colorado where he studied fine woodworking at Colorado’s Red Rocks Community College. We can’t deny his skills, expertise, or enthusiasm for wood - as he says he could never pick a favorite species since they all have value depending on the job they’re being used for. In the shop he meticulously examines architectural plans and translates them, marking each timber for layout, somewhat like a giant jigsaw puzzle. We know Alexander is an excellent baker having won our annual dessert contest (we’re hoping he bakes for us on a more regular basis!). He’s also into Kung Fu and is a voracious reader. 

Mike Ringer

One of our Oregon natives, Mike brought CNC knowledge to our McMinnville mill from his previous work in a cabinetry shop. Today he handles our Hundegger CNC, loading timbers, programming, monitoring, and troubleshooting while they are milled with mortise pockets, tenons, and peg holes. Mike told us he’s always fascinated with how refined such a big machine can be. We think much of that has to do with the finesse of the operator. Along with his wife Kimberly and son Cameron, Mike enjoys the outdoors (particularly the beach) and, like several of our coworkers, is a music fanatic. 

Pete O'Brien

Leaving the world of party tents, awnings, and rough construction behind, Pete joined our timber frame group finding the craftsmanship and finer work of traditional mortise and tenon joinery much more to his liking. In his opinion, handcrafting is second only to raising a frame. We seem to be inundated with folks who love the outdoors so we were not surprised to learn that this timber framer likes hiking, kayaking, and frequents the Adirondacks. However, Pete admitted that he’s a gamer with passion for racing and marksmanship games (cat’s out of the bag, sorry Pete!). On occasion Pete puts his kayaking skills to the test, participating in our local white water Wild Water Derby - if you see him, be sure to ask about his wild rides.

Dave Parsons

Working construction on his own for several years, Dave first joined our construction team but was fascinated by the craft of timberframing and is now one of our timber framers. An active guy, Dave competes in 5K races, triathlons, spends a good deal of time on the slopes in the winter, and is constantly working on new projects. With help from his wife, he continues to renovate their home including peeled timber posts and other handcrafted elements whenever possible. We hear that recently he's begun crafting wooden paddleboards to use on the Finger Lakes. Did we mention he's always on the go?

Jason Houtenbrink

One of our wonderfully beard-y timber framers, Jason came to us from what he termed a “boring job” found after earning his industrial engineering degree, engineering forklifts. We’re glad to have him employ his technical skills and know-how to our timber frame projects and he tells us he likes being able to be precise while using his hands. Jason only has two more peaks to conquer before becoming one of the folks who have hiked all 46 peaks of the Adirondacks (known as the ADK 46ers). He also enjoys hiking the Dix Range and everything in the Finger Lakes, at times accompanied by his St Bernard, Dixie. What does he dislike? Cubicles.

Michael Smith

Mike spent some time in a remodeling business before taking a handful of years at home to raise two kids. He joined our timber frame team with an eye to shop work as diving into the details, the assembly stage, and making the pieces of the frame all work together are where his passion lies. An avid skier, Mike sticks mostly to NY and VT slopes these days but enjoys mountain biking and any time at the beach with his wife and their sons, Damon and Tobin. 

Jeremy Minnamon

Jeremy is learning the ropes of timber framing from our long-time craftsmen. The former Marine and soon-to-be graduate from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) likes the travel involved with raising frames across the nation. He told us he most enjoys, “...being on-site, outside. The physical aspects of working with a giant wood puzzle, and solving that puzzle, is fun.” Getting outdoors is key to Jeremy’s free time as well. Hiking and spending time in the Finger Lakes on the water, top his list. He’s also honing his furniture skills, putting time into crafting tables for friends and family. 


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