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Merrylands Median Price The House price is than last year.
Merrylands Median Rent House 5 Unit 4 The House rent is than last year.
Merrylands High School, Merrylands School Facts School sector: Government School type: Secondary school Gender: Co-Ed Total student: 728 (boy:428, girl:300) Total staff: 47 Student attendance: 88% None-english student: 65% ICSEA value: ICSEA distribution: Bottom quarter Middle quarters Top quarter 49% 23% 22% 6% HSC rank: No.573 (), No.520 (), No.471 (), No.388 (), No.613 (2010) Website: Location: Address: Bristol St, Merrylands NSW 2160 Nearby:      Phone: 02 9632 9401 School Comment Merrylands High School is a dynamic and highly successful school evidenced by regular award recognition at local, State and National levels. This includes the school community receiving Social Harmony and academic awards; staff receiving Quality Teaching a... Student Assessment Reading Writing Spelling Grammar Numeracy Rank 488 488 518 483 498 701 536 505 559 521 534 702 Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy() results in 2011. Reviews By Student - 10 Mar 2016, Rate: excellent I believe this school,has a lot to offer, and we do learn,everything that is needed, in for future careers the,teachers are willing to put,the effort in to all,the students no matter the circumstance. Furthermore the HSC ,is going to be hard,but it isn't the end of the world if You didn't get the exact,mark you wanted there are always different pathways to achieve your goal as well as you're future career.
By Parent - 10 Mar 2016, Rate: bad very poor results in the HSC 2015. The school is not an excellent dynamic school. The noticeboard outside the school is false advertising. Some of the teachers do a good job but we don't want our HSC students taught by inexperienced casual teachers - and that's what we get at Merrylands High - parents have no say. Teach student remedial English and maths so that they can pass the apprenticeship exams. Give Merrylands competent leadership at the top - they are the incompetents - not the teachers - poor discipline; bad results; high truancy. By Parent - 06 Aug 2013, Rate: bad I am appalled with this school' lack of Education you have English teachers who can't even speak English which doesn't make any sense to me. Your ranking is so low and it needs to improve I will definitely be taking my child out of this school and I will recommend that other parents do the same, my child hasn't been learning as much as I would like and is conflicting with my child' learning abilities I hope that someone from Merrylands High School sees this and recognizes the academic issues this school has thank you .

I'm a parent an alumnus a student an employee , rate this school excellent good average poor bad


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