Easter photography with bunnies

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DIY Crochet Easter Bunny Garland - Free Pattern

Make a cute crochet Easter bunny garland for Easter! 😀

Cute Crochet Easter Bunn TutorialCrochet Easter bunnies with pom pom bunny tails

Aren’t they cute?

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern Bunny Crochet Chart Diagram

Because I prefer crochet charts to written instructions, I’ve made my first crochet diagram with Paint. Yay! 😀

If you prefer written instructions: Below you’ll also find written instructions with pictures.


  • yarn in bunny colors – I used a cotton linen blend
  • white yarn
  • crochet hook
  • scissor
  • needle

The crochet Easter bunnies are a great way to use up yarn scraps – I reused yarn from a crochet bag: I’ve already used part of the yarn for a .

Crochet Easter Bunny Tutorial

The crochet bunnies are worked in the round. Crochet 4 chain stitches, form a ring with one slip stitch into the first chain stitch.

ROUND 1: Crochet 3 chain stitches and 16 half treble crochet stitches into the chain stitch ring.

Crochet Bunny Tutorial

Finish with one slip stitch into the third chain stitch.

Crochet Easter Bunny Free Pattern

ROUND 2: Crochet 3 chain stitches, one half treble crochet and one treble crochet into the third chain stitch of the last round. Crochet one treble and one half treble crochet stitch into the first half treble crochet of the last round.

Crochet Bunny Free Pattern

To make the bunny ears: Chain 7, beginning to crochet into the third chain stitch: Crochet one half double crochet, two double crochet, one half double crochet and one single crochet.

DIY Crochet Bunny Ears

Make another ear like the first bunny ear.

Crochet Bunny Garland Tutorial Free Pattern

Slip stitch into the first half treble crochet of round 1 – and your crochet Easter bunny is finished! 😀

DIY Crochet Easter Bunny

Hide the yarn ends.

Crochet Easter BunnyFinished crochet Easter bunny

Now you can add a mini pom pom bunny tail.

Pom Pom Bunny Tail Tutorial

Use a square knot to tie the pom pom bunny tail to the crochet bunny.

DIY Crochet Easter Bunny Pom Pom Bunny TailCrochet Easter bunnies with pom pom bunny tails

DIY Crochet Bunny Garland Pattern

To finish the crochet bunny garland: Crochet about 10 or 20 chain stitches, slip stitch into one bunny ear, make again 10 to 20 chain stitches and attach the next bunny.

Crochet Easter Bunny Tutorial Free Pattern

This was the 4th project of my . Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next tutorial!

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