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Last updated: 22nd Jan, 2014

Marriage Registration is often ignored considering its a tedious task to accomplish.
Considering this, we have documented this guide after inputs from some couple’s experiences in getting their marriages registered.
Hopefully, this will be helpful.

The first step involves getting the required documents in place. Secondly, an appointment with Magistrate must be taken.
Let us first prepare our documents file.

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Documents List
A Couple would require the following if they have to get their marriage registered and obtain a marriage certificate.

  1. Voter ID Card (Copy)
  2. duly attested photograph means
  3. Ration Card of Husband (Copy) : Not Mandatory
  4. Affidavit () by both parties.(You can get this made outside the court from notary). Note: It should mention wife’s name after marriage.
  5. Two passport sized photographs pasted on an A4 sheet. Template.
  6. One marriage photograph pasted on A4 sheet. Template.
  7. X class passing certificate (DOB proof) of both (Copy).
  8. Aadhar Card/ UID card (Mandatory). If you have not got Aadhar card, you can attach copy of the acknowledgement receipt.
  9. Attach Passport (Not Mandatory).
  10. All Documents mentioned above MUST be attested by Gazette Officer. A comment suggested that Rampura and Kapashera office accepted “Self Attested” copies as well.
  11. Current Month Utility Bill (Copy) (Note: This is not mentioned on website; but it is required.). Any MTNL, IGL, BSES, Water bill would suffice. This document has to be self-attested by the person in whose name the bill is.
  12. Marriage Invitation Card. If its not available, then child’s DOB proof is valid(Ref : Comments Section).
  13. Certificate from priest if marriage was solemnized in religious place.

Checklist Display at SDM Office

Once you are done with getting all documents/photographs, you will have to take an appointment. This can be done online or by visiting the court of your area. Note: As per a comment for this post; some area offices may not accept online appointment. Request you to please confirm by visiting the respective office. Some people(comments) suggested to try online appointment request at midnight.
Following has been updated as per Aadhar requirements. It is used for manual application for appointment. A comment suggested that Kapashera branch does not acknowledge online filled form and there is a form which you get at the SDM office which needs to be filled. The online appointment is considered.

In order to take an appointment online, go to the following

  1. Select your district and continue.
  2. Fill in husband’s details and choose “Registration of Marriage Certificate”.
  3. Fill in Marriage Certificate form and choose date of appointment.
  4. Click “Submit Application”

You would then get an acknowledgement page with details of your appointment and instructions.
There will be a link to fully filled form on that page. Click and print your form.
Take a printout of Acknowledgement Page as well.

Witness Form (Identification Certificate)
Applicants are also required to take a witness along-with them for marriage registration. A Witness can be anyone who has a PAN Card. The witness must not be in immediate blood relation and should have attended the marriage. There may be some offices that accept witness to be a blood relative(As per a comment below). As per another comment below, the marriages which are solemnized after 1st May,2014 need 2 witness otherwise marriages before that should have only one witness. For the form, Please refer “Witness_Form.pdf“.

In this form, the photographs are to be attested (Signed Across) by Witness.Attach PAN Card copy and address proof copy of witness with this form. The copies have to self-attested.

Witness must carry his original PAN Card and any address proof on the day of appointment. Also, Aadhar Card/ UID card is Mandatory for Witness Also. Carry copy of the Acknowledgement receipt if card not available.

Note: If Aadhar card/ Acknowledgement receipt is not available for any of the bride, groom or witness, the application will not be accepted. So, better apply for Aadhar before you go for Marraiage Registration. Refer to the notice. Please refer to the.

Order of Application
The following is the order in which you should arrange your file:

  1. Acknowledgement Page Print out
  2. Fully filled form
  3. Husband’s Affidavit
  4. Husband’s Voter Card
  5. Husband’s Ration Card.
  6. Husband’s X Certificate.
  7. Husband’s Passport/PAN Card (If attached). PAN card is not mandatory but good to carry additional documents.
  8. Current Month Utility Bill
  9. Wife’s Affidavit
  10. Wife’s Voter Card
  11. Wife’s X Certificate.
  12. Wife’s Passport/PAN Card (If attached)
  13. A4 page with Marriage Photograph explained under “Document List” section Point No. 5 of this document.
  14. A4 page Passport sized photographs explained under “Document List” section Point No. 4 of this document.
  15. Witness Form (Identification Certificate)
  16. Witness PAN Card (Copy).
  17. Witness Address Proof (Copy).

Note: Request you to please post your experience/feedback.
Also, a lot of people have shared that the clerks try to be woo away applicants. In such cases, they had a word with SDM and work was done. Read the comments for more details on this.
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