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fanned out photo booth images

With the built-in features of HP Scanjet scanners, it's easy to touch up older snapshots or enhance your non-digital photo prints (like school photos, Polaroids, or photo booth photos). Learn how to scan your photos, make improvements using HP scanner software, and find the best products for the job.

hand wiping off scanner glass

For high-quality photo scans, it's important to start with a clean scanner.

HP Solution Center screen and Scan Picture option

From the HP Solution Center, choose your scanner. Then select Scan Picture to scan your photo.

It's important to start with clean scanner glass and clean photos. Before you begin, clean the scanner glass with a bit of glass cleaner sprayed onto a lint-free cloth.

Follow these steps to scan photos using an HP Scanjet scanner (such as the used here):

Step 1: Place your photo face down on the scanner glass and close the scanner lid.

Step 2: Open the HP Solution Center (found on your computer's desktop or in your programs folder):

Step 3: Select your scanner from the list.

Step 4: Select Scan Picture.

Step 5: Choose a destination for your scanned file, then select Scan.

Add/Delete screen and Add New Selection option

Click Add New Selection to create duplicates from your original image.

Resize Output screen and Resolution option

Be sure to set your resolution for optimum image quality.

one photo with scratches, one without

Eliminate photo imperfections, like dust marks and scratches, using the Correct Picture tab.

Once you’ve scanned in your photos—or, if you already have digital image files—use the following features to help improve and enhance them.

Edit and enhance

  • Save your original copy: Select the Add/Delete tab and click Add New Selection to create duplicate images of your scanned photo—drag the frame over the portion of the photo you'd like to duplicate. When you make changes to your duplicates, your original scan will remain intact.
  • Set your resolution: Maintain image quality when cropping or enlarging your photos by choosing the right resolution. Select the Resize Output tab, then select Resolution. 300 dpi is best for high-quality enlargements.


  • Crop, scale, and resize: Under the Resize Output tab, you can crop, scale, enlarge, and resize your photo to a popular photo size or a custom size of your choosing.

Fix and eliminate flaws

  • Adjust color and brightness: Select the Adjust Color tab or the Lighten/Darken tab, click Manual, and adjust your photos on the spot.
  • Remove dust and scratches: Select the Correct Picture tab and check the Remove Dust & Scratches box to eliminate the appearance of photo imperfections.
  • Sharpen, Restore Faded Color, and Apply Adaptive Lighting: Under the Correct Picture tab, you can also sharpen, restore color, or apply adaptive lighting to your image. Adjust the features until you achieve the look you want.

When you are done adjusting your photos, be sure to select Finish to make your changes and save your improved photo.

HP has a variety of scanners to meet all your photo and document scanning needs.

Visit the HP printer buying guides to see the entire selection of HP printers and e-All-in-Ones.


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