Desperate housewife nude photos

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Posted December 27, 2016 by in Teri Hatcher

Desperate Housewives” star Teri Hatcher wasn’t always the dried up old skank that we know today. As you can see in the video above, Teri was once a saucy minx who enjoyed showing her nude titties and engaging in kinky sex on film in the 1994 movie “The Cool Surface” and then again in the 1996 movie “Heaven’s Prisoners”.

Teri Hatcher has always had that lecherous look about her which photos says that she loves to get her sin holes pounded hard, so its not surprising to see her get naked while playing whores in these nude sex scenes. Unfortunately for Teri’s her co-stars in these sex scenes are the impotent homofag tiny prick Irish actors Robert Patrick and Alec Baldwin, so she is left completely unsatisfied.

Of course if instead of starring in these nude scenes in her youth, Teri Hatcher had traveled to the Middle East to get her aching cock box banged by the enormous manhoods of us virile Muslims it would certainly have satiated her fiery loins, and she would not have aged into the decrepit desperate housewife degenerate that she is today.


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