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The Chalkboard Shot

Angela marks each week on a tiny chalkboard — and she even wears bollywood the same dress for every photo. Submitted by Angela P.

Photo: Angela P. / The Bump


Take Seasonal and Holiday Photos

This one never gets old — and this mom-to-be made sure it was a memorable one! We love how she even dressed up her bump! Submitted by Shelly C.

Photo: Shelly C. / The Bump


Pose With What's Around You

And the award for most innovative Bump Photo goes to... Submitted by Natalie J.

Photo: Natalie J. / The Bump



Past and Present Photos

This is such a sweet idea: pose with a picture of your mom pregnant with you and put it side-by-side with your bump photos. If it's not already a tradition in your family, it's never too late to start! Submitted by Ivy P.

Photo: Ivy P. / The Bump


Ready to Pop!

We are LOVING this idea! If you're not a gum chewer, use a balloon instead. It's an adorable and fun way to announce baby's (almost!) arrival. Submitted by Amy P.

Photo: Amy P. / The Bump


The Sibling Shot

Add your baby’s big sibling to the photo for a super-cute touch!



The Picture Frame Shot

We love Lisa’s pink bow — and the simple frame telling us what week she’s on. Submitted by Lisa M. Photo by Carah K Photography of Michigan

Photo: Carah K. Photography of Michigan


The Due Date Shot



The Door Shot

Use a door as a marker, and the grooves can be a guide to show how far your belly stretches! Submitted by Kira G.

Photo: Kira G. / The Bump


The Evolving Bump Shot

A photo timeline of baby’s bump is a fun idea — plus, mom holding baby at the end is too cute. Submitted by Irachelle80

Photo: lrachelle80 / The Bump


Posing With Your Partner

This is an adorable way to keep your partner feeling involved all throughout your pregnancy. Plus, who doesn't want to tell if dad-to-be gained some sympathy pounds?! Submitted by Barna T.

Photo: Barna T. / The Bump


Show Off Your Size!

For your family, friends and (eventually) baby, knowing how big you are at each week is hard. Pose with a fruit to make it simple (and cute!). Added bonus? You've got a healthy snack on hand! Submitted by Hope B.

Photo: Hope B. / The Bump


Show Off Baby's Accomplishments

Photo: Amanda L. / The Bump


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