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  San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Golden Gate, a strait between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It connects the city with Marin County. The bridge was designed and built in 1929-1937. Irving Morrow acted as consulting architect and Joseph Strauss was the designer and chief engineer. Actual construction started in January, 1933. Here are photos and virtual walking tours along the bridge. Walk along the bridge, visit nearby places with great views of the bridge. Pictures on this page are from 2002-2007..


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Maritime National Historical Park: Balclutha sailing ship on the background of Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge views from. Hyde Street Pier is a part of Fisherman's Wharf closest to the bridge. There are a lot of historical boats and ships around.

Fort Point right under the Golden Gate Bridge

Great Golden Gate Bridge scenes from Fort Point, Battery East

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The bridge..

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A view on the bridge form Fort Miley Golden Gate Bridge View from Fort Miley at El Camino del Mar

   . This is a small but unusual tour. A little walk along the trail in the California sunset. This views are from the west, from Pacific Ocean side: Golden Gate Birdge South Tower

A walk across the bridge Golden Gate Bridge Virtual Walk

Golden Gate Bridge viewed from
Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point


Battery Boutelle 1901-1917. Experience the smell of battle. Moving forward you can see the bridge form "inside"

Point Bonita. Sunset. California coast

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Where is the Golden Gate Bridge?
-- Golden Gate Bridge is without doubt the main San Francisco attraction;
When was the Golden Gate Bridge completed?
-- In 1937;
What is the length of the Golden Gate Bridge?
-- 1.7 miles (2,7 km), with a central span of 4,200 ft (1280 meters);
How tall is Golden Gate Bridge?
-- The height of the towers above water is 746 ft (227 m). The roadway is 220ft (67 m) above water. And the water is 318ft (97 m) deep;
How many lanes does the bridge have?
-- 6 for vehicles and 2 for pedestrians, but one of them is usually closed;
In what year did Joseph Strauss die?
-- 1938.

Golden Gate Bridge View from Alcatraz. The ocean is behind the bridge. San Francisco is on the left Golden Gate Bridge View from Alcatraz

From the north..
If you are a dedicated tourist, you will get here. The best view of the bridge. A 10-20 minutes walk from the parking on Marin County side uphill. Take the pedestrian walkway under the bridge and follow the signs. Find this way in our virtual tour. You abstract expressionism in photography can get here by car too. The battery buildings of 20th and 19th century(1897-1943) are behind. This is the best place to take the Golden Gate Bridge photo. But this is not the only place.
A Golden Gate Bridge View from Battery Spencer

    Views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the north. Battery Spencer Java Virtual Tour:

We are at the. View of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Franscio behind.
Yerba Buena Island is right behind the top of the left tower. Alcatraz is a little to the left. Kirby cove is below. The location is above the bridge towers and one still can climb higher to visit a magnificent fort of the 20th century - the battery construction N127
Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco

    Battery Construction N129 Java Virtual Tour. Golden Gate Bridge at night Golden Gate Bridge at Night

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